Episode 1

Published on:

21st Jul 2020

Jude Jennison on the Rethinking Leadership podcast series

Jude Jennison launches the Re-Thinking Leadership podcast where she interviews executives and leaders on their experiences of leading change, the challenges they faced and overcame. She asks them how they position their organisation and business for the future and the skills needed for leaders, teams and business to thrive.

Jude begins with a look back at some of the people she interviewed for her Leading Through Uncertainty podcast and explains the background to the new podcast. 

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About the Podcast

Rethinking Leadership
Conversations on leadership and teamwork
I'm Jude Jennison, Founder of Leaders by Nature, a leadership and team development company. As business undergoes substantial change, leaders need to keep up with new ways of leading and communicating. Hierarchy, command and control are outdated and need to make way for flexibility, adaptability, creativity. I'm interested in how business can be a force for good in the world and contribute to the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals by adopting the 5 Cs - Courage, Compassion, Clarity, Connection and Commitment.
I work with a herd of horses to uncover default patterns of leadership behaviour. If you want disruptive change, you need to be disruptive in your leadership development. For more information, you can find me on all the social media channels as Jude Jennison and check out my website at www.judejennison.com